Closure of Race to Reconcile


Through a variety of ways, God has made know to me that Race to Reconcile is not to be – His will be done.   I hope you take the time to watch the 10 minute video as I explain to you how this came about.

If you are not able to watch the video, allow me to simply share that God has closed this door in dramatic fashion and open another door in dramatic fashion.

Ultimately it is ALWAYS about God’s WILL.

It was my most sincere desire to finish this project and I’ll admit to you that it was a bit of pride that kept me pressing forward hoping things would connect.  God in his gracious ways allowed the process to confirm that it was indeed – “no”.   As I already understand, whatever His reason was, it was for my good.

In our walk with God we know this, but when faced with the emotional transition, we many times have to see it over a period of time.  If we love God, however, we will submit to Him and accept that it is for the best. This decision was also supported by those who provided me council regarding Race to Reconcile.

The video will share in more detail.

My thanks to those who supported me both financially and in prayer.  You will receive your T-Shirt soon.

May we always remember that God’s purpose is always accomplished and the experience I had with Race to Reconcile has open my eyes to realize that reconciliation is God’s ultimate purpose for coming in the person of His Son – Jesus.  It must also be our focus to remain reconciled to His will for our lives – not our programs, traditions or even people that we often seek affirmation and validation from.

My sincere thanks again for your understanding and may we all take from this experience that reconciliation is all our calling as ambassadors for Christ.

In His Grip,

William Owens