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Race-to-Reconcile-Book-CoverRace to Reconcile 
A Proven Solution towards Reconciliation of Race Relations in America

The upcoming book, Race to Reconcile – A Proven Solution towards Reconciliation of Race Relations in America are essays by leaders throughout the country pointing towards the power of reconciliation as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. It is an unapologetic clarion call to rediscover the plan and purpose of God’s love for mankind and how mankind can love each other – regardless of the injustice.

Reconciliation is a deep-seeded hope of the human heart and the center of all of creation. It is the hope that drives us toward an unquenchable thirst to pursue, and go beyond the reasons of why we shouldn’t, why we can’t and even why we won’t. Even in the face of irrationality, the hope of being reconciled is so powerful that people will risk their very lives for it – and in fact they do.

Just watch the news for a few minutes; you will hear stories of death, of life, and of hope. It will intrigue you to want to listen and find out the conclusion because you too are human. You will go through five commercials so that you can hear, “the rest of the story” – a story that somehow speaks of being reconciled or losing that hope.

We want to be reconciled to God, our family, our country, our communities and even to the history of our lives that are completely unknown to us. Reconciliation is what makes us uniquely human. It gives us a deep core of existing and therefore a purpose for everything we do. Literally everything we do is connected to the idea of “being reconciled to something or someone”. If it is void of being reconciled, our lives have little or no meaning regardless of how much we possess. For those who believe in nothing, in order to do so they have to make a conscience decision to “NOT BELIEVE” because by default they do. It is an innate part of the human DNA; to believe.

There are wars being waged today because people are driven by the hope to be reconciled. Whether it is true or not, the force and power of the embedded thought of what reconciliation means to them is all that matters. Unfortunately, some of these beliefs are destructive. In fact, many people are victims and are being used by such reasons, to steal, kill and destroy.

This deep-seeded hope, independent of human volition, is not only proof that reconciliation is a God-given desire, but it is also evidence that all humans desire it. Amongst many other parallels truths, these few thoughts I’ve shared about reconciliation reveal apparent traits that provide a reasonable conclusion that reconciliation is possible and one of the highest achievements of the human existence and most fulfilling pursuits.

Reconcile is a powerful word. Some of the meanings are to:

  • Win over to friendliness; cause to become amicable:
  • Compose or settle (a quarrel, dispute, etc.). Bring into agreement or harmony; make compatible or consistent:
  • Restore (an excommunicate or penitent) to communion in a church.

The current state of race relations in America is in complete disarray. It is a keg of emotions, regret, murder, centuries of injustice, and above all non-forgiveness waiting to explode in ways we have never imagined. These explosive human traits have quietly, like wine, fermented and are intoxicating. They are simply waiting for the ripe conditions for one of two possible outcomes; to implode upon itself and therefore become self-destructive or to be directed towards solutions that bring reconciliation

Race to Reconcile – A Proven Solution towards Reconciliation of Race Relations in America speaks candidly about the reality of injustice, racism, self-perpetrated acts of destructive cycles, local and federal government systems built upon systemic flaws that ensure division and promote deep-seeded hatred.   More than this however, this timely book speaks of the power of being reconciled. It shatters the lie that reconciliation is only possible through righting wrongs, spending money on failed systems that avoid the real core human need. The pages of this book reject the need for the offender to act and gives the offended power to respond and be completely freed from the offenses of the offender – regardless of the wrong.

Race to Reconcile dispels these self-righteous notions of solutions and instead shares in humility the ONE resource that works. In this timely book, you’ll hear from 50 leaders throughout America on ways we can bring reconciliation to our nation. Built upon the foundation of the Christian faith, you’ll be informed of God’s plan that provides access to God’s power to change hearts, mindsets and to redirect the narrative towards real life solutions that are doable, possible and effective. These solutions will be proven with stories on how individuals just like you and I were able to face the demon of hate, regret and injustice and to stop the cycle of their own destructive reaction.

Race to Reconcile – A Proven Solution towards Reconciliation of Race Relations in America will change the narrative and the methods of how Americans face the realities that are before us. It is our choice to make: to implode or be set free to live, to love and to fulfill our life’s destiny.