Celebration Forgiveness

Celebration Forgiveness Town Hall Panel Discussion

As the nation waits to learn whether or not a grand jury will indict Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown, we also are holding our collective breath to see what the effect of the decision, regardless of what it is, will have on that community. If history is any indication, the city is likely to again explode in a hailstorm of hatred, violence and vengeance.

We can do better.

To be sure, the problem extends far beyond the boundaries of Ferguson. All of America has become a vengeful society in many respects. Politicians attack each other mercilessly, not just during bitterly fought campaigns, but also in the very halls of Congress. Business, religious institutions, communities, personal relationships – all have become examples of our growing culture of vengeance.

The specter of vengeance in our cultural relationships is particularly disturbing because it is a part of our history and our national fabric that we should have gotten past by now, and yet the deep wounds of yesteryear – slavery, civil rights, inequality – remain unhealed and vivid in our minds.

This is why we are launching Celebration Forgiveness Town Hall and Panel Discussions

Celebration Forgiveness is a proactive event. An engaging panel discussion rooted in love, hope and courage. The purpose of Celebration Forgiveness is to validate that not only does forgiveness work, but that forgiveness is within the grasp of every person.  Forgiveness supersedes offenses and offers no defense.  It is a “God” option that when released invites “God” into the equation.

Unlike most panel discussions, Celebration Forgiveness will have panelist from every sector of the community to discover where we can forgive and to literally offer forgiveness.  Maybe not for ourselves but for a community we represent.  It is then we will witness the intended consequence of hearts being healed and bitterness being dissolved.

Above all else – this truth is certain; God forgave us and we are therefore compelled and empowered to forgive others.

This panel discussion is both practical and prophetic. Practical in addressing the reality of evil acts against people and the harm they cause. Prophetic in yielding to the unfathomable power of God’s answer through forgiveness and the infusion of power that comes to heal and restore – not merely discuss and debate.

William Owens, founder of Race to Reconcile and the developer of Celebration Forgiveness Event is bringing the panel discussion to cities throughout America and is encouraging communities to attend for three primary reasons.

  1. Learn the story behind the issues. Listen to the concerns of people and actual reasons why parts of the community are in such pain.
  2. Share your voice and speak up.  Offer tangible ideas that you believe would move the community towards healing.
  3. Learn how forgiveness can provide a powerful and relevant solution to heal hurts and dissolve bitterness.

Registration Opens Thanksgiving Day

Current location and dates of our upcoming panels

  • December 17, 2014 – Tallahassee, FL – Hosted by Art Kimbrough
  • January 8, 2015 – Tupelo, MS – Hosted by Dr. Ed Holliday

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