Football and Reconciliation

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Football and Reconciliation

Jesus on a footbal JerseyAll of the discussions concerning domestic violence within the ranks of the NFL provide profound and also gripping evidence that the souls of men are troubled – not only within troubled athletes, but in all of us.

The childhood dream of playing in the NFL —  popularity beyond imagination — and all of the trappings such as money, fans and a lifestyle supposedly creates a happy life, marriage and career. The latest episode of domestic violence is further evidence that even the simplest of things are actually impossible without a power that far extends to that of rushing through a defense line.  It is only possible through the power of the resurrected Christ!

What is more telling than the tragic domestic violence that is unfolding for all to see is the lack of genuine concern for the hearts and minds of those involved.  The NFL is a billion dollar organization and has the single goal of winning a superbowl and pleasing their fans.  They realize there is going to be drama; therefore, they have to execute in a way that protects their profits.  This does not always coincide with protecting the players.

The bigger issue, however, is reconciliation.

As Christians, are we focused on the games of the sports world more so than being ambassadors of reconciliation?  Are we paying more attention to the scoreboard than to the desperation that currently exists within our culture?  Do we realize, now more than ever,that our Lord and Savior,

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