Man Sets Off on over 3,000 Mile Bicycle Journey to Ride for God, Forgiveness & Racial Reconciliation

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Man Sets Off on over 3,000 Mile Bicycle Journey to Ride for God, Forgiveness & Racial Reconciliation

Los Angeles, CA. September 8, 2015. – William Owens, an African American Author and Poet is ready to set off on a 90-day bicycle journey from San Diego California to the Beaches of South Carolina and then to DC to help bring harmony between racial groups through positive messages of love, forgiveness, and hope. The message is that that we are all equally loved and cherished by God regardless of our ethnicity and we must strive to immolate this love one to another.

“From the political to the racial; division in our nation is at epidemic levels. My goal for Race to Reconcile is to help people rediscover the purpose in God’s plan and to realize love is better than hate and forgiveness really works. When people are deeply hurt, especially when the practice of slavery and social injustice has been entrenched in our culture for over 100 years, we tend to not only hurt back but also systemically foster patterns that not only deepen the divide but also cause more destruction upon victims of unforgiveness than the offenders themselves. However, choosing to love and forgive through a powerful and loving God, we can change our own future and experience the joys of life that God intended for us,” William Owens, founder.

Owens will be attending high schools, colleges, events and churches where he’s invited on his 2,464-mile journey to promote his message of love and reconciliation to the cities he visits. His journey will take place via the southern route allowing smaller cities the opportunity to meet with Owens and learn about his mission.

“It was during a road trip to visiting my dad, that I had a impression from God to create Race to Reconcile. I felt a strong burden to compel Americans to allow God’s love through each of us to bring healing to our nation. By acts of forgiveness demonstrated from one race to another, the current cultural division we see in our country can be rendered powerless. I’m committed to fostering reconciliation and encouraging the people I meet about the unconditional power of forgiveness regardless of the wrong committed,” Owens.

During his mission, Owens will be doing a 60-minute pit stop each week to an orphanage home, children’s hospital, nursing home, hospice or jail to provide spiritual support, encouragement and prayer to those in need. Working with sponsors, Owens will also be dropping off a check to a local food bank, soup kitchen or pantry to provide a financial boost to feed the hungry.

William Owens is the author of ‘Race to Reconcile A Proven Solution towards Reconciliation of Race Relations in America,’ which is to be released in the Spring of 2016, after the trek. It will have stories from his journey. For more information about Race to Reconcile, to host a stop, or ride with William on a portion of his trek, please visit To donate to the cause, please visit:




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