Meet the Author

William looking up in skyTen days ago, I was preparing to launch a new business venture, but the doors closed. I realized that God had different plans for me – radically different plans.

Forty-eight hours later, as I drove to NV to visit my Dad, the Lord gave me a vision: “Race to Reconcile.” He told me to race – move quickly; speak on race – cultural division; and enter a race throughout America – a bike race from coast to coast to hurl the message of reconciliation back to God, back to the people in my life, back to those who are different but live with me in communities. He said, “Do all you can do to foster reconciliation. Forgive, love, give, endure, suffer and, above all, reconcile to Me.”   I believe the message of reconciliation is a clarion call for each of God’s children. He is coming sooner than we can imagine, and we must prepare ourselves to meet the Bridegroom at any moment.

Then God begin to burden me deeply regarding America’s troubling condition. He made me to see that in practically every foundational pillar, our nation is prepared to crumble: spiritually, morally, politically, financially and nationally, the latter through the impending threat against our national safety from committed enemies who possess a vehement hatred toward us. I believe this is judgment at the door of our borders, and when it breaches the tipping point, we will enter into a time of persecution and suffering that this nation has never known. When a nation forgets God, that nation creates the conditions for enemies to enter its communities. Biblical and historical evidence prove that America has simply – rejected God

I’m not afraid; I’m simply aware that these are prophetic events meaning that God has allowed all things to unfold for His own purpose. As Christians, we are experiencing a shift in the world that signals signs of the times that things will never be the same. Such shifts are not simple events; they are milestones. Whenever a milestone happens, it is a biblical fulfillment of a significant event that triggers another event to happen.

As I begin to reflect on these things, God begin to speak to my heart about reconciliation. It got personal – real personal. It was about me, William Owens, Jr. reconciling my heart completely back to Him. I reiterate that reconciling ourselves back to God and to all those around us is imminent, for the time is short.

I ask your prayers for Race to Reconcile: the Book, “The Coast to Coast Bike Tour,” and my race to fulfill the evangelical call to proclaim the message of reconciliation back to God and to each other. The end of America as we know it is at hand, however the beginning of a great outpouring unlike anytime in Christiandome is ours to be a part of should we be obedient in fulfilling His will.

In His Grip,

William Owens, Jr.