Who I See Is Not Me

Who I see is not me
Who I feel is not real
What I think is born of a temporal ideas, false illusions
Assumed conclusions

Who I perceive myself to be
Are fault lines – hidden to me
Others who attempt to arrange my fate, direct my face
Determine my place in this universal complex that knows no space

Deeper and deeper still I know I’m real
Testing all manner of creation
Tasting every flavor of religion
I like pigeon fly to every rooftop looking for affirmation of my existence
Validation of my creation
My wings are tired

I look within
Only to find more reasons why
That won’t fly
Unless of course I manipulate what’s not there… and just lie
Lie to myself and therefore to others

Don’t risk the shame
Get swept up in this parade
I must break away
Tear off this mask
There must be more
I dare to ask… God


You are mine
Made before time
Made with me intertwined in all of you
Made to feel after me
Search after me
Draw near to me
Be one with me

I’m not a god made by you
I’m The Only God who created you
Self Will
Makes you unique
Makes you like me but not me
In need of me to be who you really are

There is One way to me
None other
A Redeemer who can destroy
The stain that strains your heart
The poison that convicts your mind
The guilt that assaults you time after time

A redeemer
To represent you before me
To give you a mind heart and spirit that’s guilt free
This will prove that I Am
Will reveal that you are mine
Not who you see yourself to be

That redeemer is me
Revealed through my Son
You know. .. He’s the only one, the only way, the only Life
He’s Jesus the Risen Christ.


By William Owens / Copyright (c) 2014